Our group adventure holidays and corporate events in Andalucía, Spain are packed with exhilarating activities that will make you feel energised and inspired.

At Team Xtreme, we've evaluated and selected the most breathtaking outdoor adventure activities. They are suitable for different ages and abilities and all are provided by experienced and qualified professionals in their respective fields, so you're guaranteed to have the best possible experience.

Our activities are available in Andalucía with a superb all-year-round Mediterranean climate.

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Share with friends and colleagues a wide range of unforgettable outdoor activities, under the safe direction of our friendly, fully-qualified professional guides.

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Corporate Events

Our inspiring team building and incentive events include integrated outdoor activities and indoor training seminars, delivering genuine business benefits.

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Our group adventure holidays are packed with fun and exciting activities, provided by fully qualified individuals who are professionals in their fields.

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Activity Planner

Explore our easy to use activity planner. Join one of our activities on an established date.

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About Team Xtreme

It's easy to find out more detailed information or ask for ideas regarding your individual corporate event or tour needs. You can contact us now through the web site, phone us, send us an email, or request a free 'callback'. We look forward to hearing from you.

We also offer bespoke, tailor-made services to suit all ages and individuals. So,contact us today, and let us inspire you by creating your very own XTREME event.

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